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I'm pleased to announce that I have teamed up with The Adventure Patch Company! Founded by brothers Chris & Dom, The Adventure Patch Company make retro and nostalgic patches that celebrate the UK’s best loved outdoor places and wildlife.

They also make, pins, magnets, stickers and maps. Great as a memento for you, or gift for an outdoorsy friend!


For an exclusive 20% off all products, enter code SENSEOFPLACE at checkout.


 Follow the link below:  

 Sustainability is key to Chris and Dom, and they donate over 1% of their total revenue each year to the UK National Parks Foundation which improves, protects, and enhances National Parks, and supports programmes that connect communities with these landscapes.

Appearances Elsewhere

Tangible Territory Journal: I wrote a piece for Dr Tereza Stehlikova's journal. The journal is a platform that offers a space for people to meet and discuss themes relating to the role of the body, the importance of place and embodied experience. I wrote about starting the podcast and where my interest in sense of place began. You can read it here.​



​Some other Sphere Podcast: I chat to host Rick about what a sense of place is and how it manifests. It’s importance in helping people form a connection to their local area and maintaining a sense of community. As well as the importance of preserving the heritage of our towns and cities. Listen here.

Store Front

Click here to read an interview featuring Merlin Coverley - Author of Hauntology, London Writing, Psychogeography, Occult London, Utopia, and more!​The interview delves into the details of psychogeography - it's origins, how it is viewed, the way it has evolved, and continues to do so...

An Interview With Merlin Coverley: 
The In's And Out's Of Psychogeography

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