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Behind The Sense of Place Podcast

The Sense of Place Podcast is the passion project of Ailish.  With her love of podcasts and all things 'sense of place' the idea to combine the two seemed only natural.  

In December 2017 a magazine article was the push which made her begin work on creating the podcast. Now, the project has been brought to life, and the first episode was released on the 20th April 2019.

Episodes are recorded and released when she has spare time, so episode releases can be a bit sporadic!

What is The Sense of Place Podcast about?

In general, sense of place describes our relationship with places, expressed through the intangible and tangible aspects of human life: emotions, imagination, sound, touch, stories, sight, smell and personal experiences.


The aim of this podcast is to explore the different relationships we have with the places that surround us. How they make us feel, and how in turn this affects our culture and day to day lives. To do this, the podcast will bring together the variety of disciplines & people that try to understand and explore ‘sense of place’.


Discussions will draw on a range of personal tales and thoughts from guests alongside more in-depth interviews about particular practices that focus on understanding sense of place.



Other Credits


Introductory Theme Music by: Sir Yarnington 


Outro Theme Music by: Jambette

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